Enhancing the range of product that we can supply to existing customers, and attracting new customers, is a key part of the sales strategy. TR is already an acknowledged leader in the field of supply to sheet metal and enclosure manufacturers. To complement the extensive range of self-clinch fastenings, blind rivets and rivet nuts, rivet bushes and thread forming screws, we have extended our range and now design and supply locking systems and locks, hinges and latches, clamps and terminals, gaskets and accessories.

To launch this range we conducted market research, assessed the competition, discussed with our customer base their specific needs and then developed a full marketing plan. This has been the most significant product introduction since our plastics commodity launch.

A training program was created and, with the support and imagination of our in-house marketing team, we produced our own animation describing the end-2-end process and the key characters involved. We had a lot of fun doing this and it captured the imagination of the sales, sourcing and procurement teams internally. The range was launched on our website in November 2016 with over 2,500 parts, increasing the number of products on the website to 50,000. We created in-house a unique product configurator to enable engineers to design their own locks, and the capability of downloading the generated parts as a drawing. This has increased the traffic to our website substantially, and has attracted new customers and opportunities, many of whom have said our website has been easy to navigate and with the detail to hand that they require.

The range is constantly growing as we meet customers' demands and service interest from other industry sectors.

Industries serviced:




General industrial & HVAC


Sponsors stylish Swedish-designed Sidebuddy, the new eco-solution for city transportation

As our cities become increasingly congested with traffic and pollution, bicycles are proving an increasingly popular way to get around town more quickly and easily and with the added benefit of zero emissions.

However, sometimes cycling may not be practical, if you have to transport children, pets or shopping for example. Swedish designer Jordi Hans saw an opportunity to invent a versatile add-on solution – the SideBuddy side trailer.

Inspired by the classic designs of motorbike sidecars, the SideBuddy can be attached to either standard bicycles or new electric models and fits up to three children (aged 0–7 years) or cargo up to 120kg. Multi-functional and versatile, it is ideal for families, street sellers, tourists, commuters and even surfers!

Always keen to support new and innovative ideas, when TR Fastenings, Sweden were approached by the designers of SideBuddy to be a possible sponsor, they were keen to hear more.

"As a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial components, environmental thinking is an area we are particularly interested in. In our opinion, the Sidebuddy is a unique project with huge commercial potential and one we are delighted to support. The components that were selected, such as screws, nuts, washers, springs and rubber parts, were already approved and validated for use in the automotive sector and readily available for us to supply to the customer. This amounted to a huge saving in terms of time for the Sidebuddy team."

Eugen Kuhnl
Engineering and R&D Manager
TR Sweden


Space odyssey: Supplying fasteners for thenew Mars rover

TR Fastenings Norway, is pleased to have been asked to supply essential rivets and tools for a Radar Imager for the new NASA Mars Exploration Rover which launches in 2020. This is the first time components TR have supplied have gone into space, and it is exciting to be a small part of future history.

The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) which is designing and developing the Radar Imager on behalf of NASA, required components which were robust enough to withstand the extreme conditions of the atmosphere on Mars, where temperatures can plummet to minus 125 degrees centigrade. Drawing on its experience of working within the telecommunications and energy sector, TR Fastenings Norway was able to tap into the company's global network of suppliers and deliver the components to FFI within the required timeframe.

The Radar Imager will be used in Mars subsurface experiment, known as RIMFAX. It will add a new dimension to the Rover's toolset by providing the capability to image the shallow subsurface beneath the Rover in unprecedented detail. It will explore the ancient habitability of its field area and select a set of promising samples that will eventually be returned to Earth.

"We are extremely proud to be involved in the development of this new Mars Exploration Rover. It is incredible to think that our fasteners will be used in outer space and is a testament to the high regard our products have with such a prestigious customer as FFI."

Jan-Erik Storsve
General Manager
TR Norway






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