Opportunities for growth

The strong relationships we have built with our key global multinational OEMs over the last 40+ years are considered a significant asset to the Group. We continue to prioritise the development, protection and maintenance of these relationships so as to grow market share across the world.

It's not just about existing relationships, we are also always looking at how we can gain access to new customers. At any point in time we will be working on a number of new multinational OEMs – building networks and trust, developing a better understanding of their needs and spotting the opportunities that will provide us with that initial route to supply.

As a wider business, we are also constantly looking beyond specific customer relationships. Our engineering, sales, marketing and innovation teams are continuously tasked with searching the market to identify the next big thing. Be it a specific product range, patented technology, a new market focus or a geographical hot spot, we are always working together to drive our ongoing growth.