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We have been a global supplier of fasteners and related components for over 40 years. Over that time we have established secure and proven logistic networks across the world. We now offer seamless and reliable supply to over 60 countries. From complex VMI and 'Just-in-Time' delivery to straightforward ex-works solutions, we are able to provide the most cost effective supply logistics to suit our multinational OEMs' needs.

With our core facilities in Asia, North America and Europe mirroring the global spread of our customer base, we are able to meet the challenging geographical requirements of our customers. By offering logistic solutions from transportation, warehousing, distribution, through to production lines, we can give our customers a cost effective and efficient service.

It is these extensive and flexible networks that help to drive our core organic growth strategy, allowing us to continue to increase our revenues, profits and penetration across our key multinational OEMs' sites.